.Since when is diabetes sexy.

The struggle is REAL. I scroll through my insta feed and I'm faced with the most colourful, fresh fruit filled photos of meals. My first response is to jump over to the local smoothie bar and get a blended acai bowl for myself. But I've done this, many times. I lived off of smoothies, raw salads, and raw fruit and veg for all my meals. The sugar content alone was enough to overload my organs, while the cooling and detoxifying nature of these foods worked at shutting down my metabolism. Now, just to be clear, I am obsessed with these fruit bowls. I LOVE every image of superfood blends dripping over the edge of those ancient pottery dishes that look like they're from a secret hidden city in indo while chia seeds are spilled all over the gorgeous wooden cutting boards. I love those tall mason jars full of a mish-mash of dragonfruit and acai creating the brightest, eye-catching smoothies i've ever seen - it's about as sexy as food can get!

Damnit insta. Elsa and her wholesome life in Aus, or Earthy Andy in all her divine superfood creations - uggh laddiiiesssss - it's killing me! If you're not sure what I'm talking about, check them out (@elsaswholesomelife @earthyandy), it's totally drool worthy, and I love it.

Those foods are fitting for those climates, but I'm not in aus, or bali, or hawai'i. I'm in canada, CANADA! Where winter is legit and it takes 15 minutes to dress all in wool just to walk a block down the street to the corner tea shop. (That's not quite true at the moment as I'm living on vancouver island where our 'frigid' temps still allow for easy texting while out and about without my naked fingers falling off). Still, it's not beach weather by any means.

Food has an energetic nature, just like everything in life, and these beautiful fruits and veg are cold and detoxifying in general. These kinds of foods are meant to cool you off and clean you out. I experienced this first-hand. I was going to the gym, hard. I was simultaneously drinking smoothies for breakfast, while consuming fresh vegetable salads for lunch and dinner - all under the guise of feeding myself healthy, beautifying foods. At first, I had more energy and felt invincible. My skin was clear, my hair shiny, and my energy on point! In time this started to fade. My energy levels dropped, I experienced bloating and intestinal pains. My sex drive was low, I was irritable, and started to feel terribly sluggish. Plus, I would wake up in the morning with my tongue all puffed up and teeth marks (aka scallops) around the edges! Energy was something of the past, or only experienced in short spurts after one of my fruit filled smoothies, before plummeting down again. By eating out of season and overdoing the cold raw food I'd thrown my blood sugar levels out of whack and put my metabolic fire out. My mentor in the health field said, "What are you trying to do? Drain your energy and vitality? No more smoothie for you!" (Said in a harsh Chinese accent). That was it. I had to end my love affair with recipes from across the globe.

Your body doesn't typically need cooling or detoxification in these winter months in canada - or any other cold climate. In Chinese medicine, your life force is rooted in a fire that requires stoking. The Asian doctors I study under are adamant that this life force fire is pivotal in our strength of immunity, our energy, and overall health. The phrase, 'Ice is for dead people', is a common thread amongst the health community here. (This goes for internal ice and external ice... icing injuries is a post for another time!). Morning gruel is highly prized and worshipped as one of the keys to maintaining health, vitality, beauty, and stamina. Foods like steel cut oats, root vegetables, and warming seasonings and spices make for a more supportive breakfast bowl than those ice cold purple smoothies! Ah!

SO, If your skin is not tanned (except with Loving Tan of course). If there are not fresh flowers found growing outside your window, and if the only reason your kinis aren't hidden in the back of your closet is because you put them on under your robe on sundays while you dream of white sand beaches (I've never done this.. okay maybe once), then you're probably not meant to be consuming an excessive amount of cold fruits and veg. I look forward to those hot summer months where local fresh fruit and veg are abundant and I can scroll through those insta accounts and make my favourites! (Or in a few weeks when I'm at our Mexican casa. I'll get my fix)! Until then, I'm on a mission to make gruel sexy. Starting right now by eliminating that word from my vocabulary - gruel now = nourishing vitality bowls. I'll work on the name. Stay tuned for some morning fire stoking recipes. We're going to make warm, Canadian foods sexy too!