I want to be 'there' in life, I want to achieve 'x,y,z'! I said this last year. I outlined my goals and told myself to go full bore ahead on the path and to not look back.

What I didn't realize is that the mind doesn't work this way, you know, by demanding action. My desire was high, my plan was laid out, so how did I still end up falling short of my goals?

The goals weren't unattainable, there was nothing impossible about my aim.

So what happened?!

When I reflect now I realize I can come up with 52 million reasons aka excuses (!) why I didn't succeed. In making excuses or giving reasons for why I did or didn't do something, I'm setting myself up to be unsuccessful once again. I don't want to be at the whim of anything - of the freezing rain that 'stopped me' from getting out of bed and going to the gym, the multiple birthday parties, holidays, and celebrations where 'I had to eat the cake just that one time'. These conditions are never ending, so how do I rise above them? How do I choose to stay on track, regardless of my environment? To choose this, I first have to be responsible for my life, instead of making the environment, the parties, the other people responsible for it. How ridiculous it sounds now! How absurd it seems to desire something in life and then make your success or failure dependent on your external circumstances. Yep, this is what I was doing. I see now when I make these conditions or circumstances responsible for - aka the reason for - my own failure or lack of doing, I will always be victim to my environment.

To make change, to go after a goal you must first take back control of your life. Stop using victimizing sentence structures - words have energy and the more you use disempowering words, the more you'll be disempowered without even knowing it, and the harder it is to make change in your own life! To be empowered, switch out your can't's for won't's - do it, every single time!! Recognize your participation in your own life situation and you will increase your freedom to choose the life you desire. You won't be able to choose and make change if you aren't the one in control of your own life. Train your brain to understand that it is in control of your life situation, recognize your excuse-making habits! This is step #1.