.Don't Get Naked - Yet.

Yes the sun is out and the days are warmer than you can ever remember after a dark cold winter (seriously Canada, -28 in the valley.. where did you come from?); but don't get naked just yet! Weather can leave your body weak and can render your immune system defenceless if it catches you off guard and unprepared. These next tips are specific to our North American spring - If you're living on a beach in the caribbean this might not apply 😛  The season of spring is a wild one; the unpredictable temperature fluctuations and the gusting winds that rush in out of nowhere can have you sick in bed, stuck with a pounding headache, or immobile with a frozen shoulder. Yes, these can all be the result of changes in the weather.

In the Chinese medicine system, health is the ability to adapt to physical, mental-emotional, and environmental changes. The body must maintain some fairly strict balances- pH, intra & extracellular hydration, and enzymatic activity, etc. When the body is exposed to extremes of any kind, including weather changes (like wind!), the body must adapt all of it's systems to maintain harmony. It requires energy and if you are hit multiple times in a row, your immune system can weaken and you'll end up missing all the spring activities while you're in bed with a fever. The body is in a natural detox mode this time of year so some sluggishness, irritability, aches & pains, and fever may actually be healthy signs of internal cleansing - to a degree of course.

Help your body out, maintain your strength, stamina, and harmony by layering up your clothes. Don't abandon your scarves and vests just yet, and stay present to the environmental cues, not your desire for warmer summer days! My short skirts and rocker cut-off tees are just waiting to be pulled from the dark corners of my closet. I know that guy sporting the board shorts and tank downtown today will be pissed if he wakes up and can't lift tomorrow due to an attack from the wild spring weather.

Patience, friends! It'll pay off.

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With Love,


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