.Spring Fever. Let it Burn!.

Again with the posts about spring... I know. But if you're not ready for it, this season will make you it's b*tch (!), and I doubt you're into that. First, a little rehash from previous posts on how to adapt to this season:

1) Drink more water - it's natural detox time! The best way to support the body is to hydrate more to flush out that winter sludge that's built up.

2) Eat more greens - less fat and more leafy green vegetables will help your body harmonize with the more active spring energy. If you don't switch out of winter mode - buttered mash and roast beef - you might end up feeling stuck, frustrated, and emotionally explosive. 

3) Move more - set your alarm a little earlier, get outside, and get active. This will support both the detox process and the tuning of the body to the environmental energy; staving off emotional disturbances that might otherwise pop up this time of year if you try to drag out your hibernation.

Okay, moving on.

To be strong, to be in top bikini shape for the coming season, and to be the most energized for all your summer wine touring, the next thing you need to know is this... feel a little fever coming on? LET IT BURN. If you wake up a little headachy - maybe some body chills - and your internal temperature seems to be on the rise, think twice before reaching for the tylenol. Actually, let me rephrase, think three or four times before Tylenol comes to mind - it is not the best medicine!

A fever is a sign that your immune system is responding to an attack. The rise in body temperature is what allows your enzymes to work harder in your body. You can function more efficiently when you're warmed up in the gym, right? It's the same idea. A little extra heat in the body and these enzymes work faster! They are your supporters in the fight between your immune system and the invader. By suppressing the fever, you are paralyzing these soldiers in your body and you have less effective means of fighting. Those invaders will march right into your system and set up shop. Without the enzyme support from a raised temperature, and the warning signs that something is taking over, your body will slowly weaken from the bacteria, virus, parasite, fungi or whatever else is trying to get in.

Do you know anyone who never seems to get sick - the last time they had a fever or flu was when they were packing around PB&J sandwiches in their ninja turtle lunch box - yet they always seem to be fatigued and sluggish? It could be because their immune systems are not even strong enough to rev up a fever and fight a big battle. If you're coming down with a fever it means you have enough strength of immunity to respond to life's influences. Don't try to get rid of it; befriend it, and use it to your advantage.

If you recognize a common cold coming on - fever, chills, headache, sore throat - here's a simple herbal tea formula to try out instead:

1 tsp yarrow - this herb is AMAZING. It has natural antimicrobial properties helping to fight                   infections + promote circulation in the body + helps a fever run it's course, allowing the body's temperature to raise while fighting infection BUT will promote sweating to break the fever if the body temperature becomes too high

1 tsp mint - another antimicrobial herb + soothes sore throats

1 tsp elderflower - antimicrobial (elder berries are particularly anti-viral) + immune stimulating + anti-inflammatory

1 tsp ginger - warming + promotes sweating + anti-inflammatory

Raw, unpasteurized honey - antimicrobial + soothing to the throat and digestive tract

Mix these herbs together in a teapot. Pour 3 cups of boiled water over top. Let it steep for 10-12 minutes. Mix in the honey and drink the tea warm. For extra fever support, try bundling up in some heavy blankets and allowing your body to sweat it out.

If you aren't familiar with herbs and are feeling unsure about how to approach a common cold or flu, book in with your local acupuncturist, herbalist, or Chinese medicine practitioner. They'll be able to help you out!

The fear of the fever is grounded in one detail - if it rages out of control for too long you run the risk of your enzymes (which basically control all bodily functions) shutting down, aka, your whole body shuts down. This is an extreme case, but it is possible. A high fever can also be an indication of a serious infection in the body so if you experience a high fever - especially if prolonged - be sure to check in with your MD to see if there is a more serious illness that needs addressing!

For the most part, spring-time fever can actually make you stronger in the long-run. Support it and go easy on your body for a couple of days. The fever will stimulate detoxification, burn up those potential infections, and leave your body renewed for the seasons to come!

Feel free to ask questions or leave a comment.

With Love,