.Reclaim Your Freedom.

If your freedom is dependent on the hands on the clock, the number in your bank account, or what your partner is doing (or not doing), are you really free?

Money, day of the week, or actions of other people might influence what you do physically in the world, but your emotional experience is only tied to those things if you're in the habit of tying them together in your mind.

Emotional freedom from anxiety, depression, or fear; freedom to experience happiness, contentment, or peace is possible with some retraining of your mental habits.

To increase your freedom - to reclaim your ability to choose your experience, try this for the next 7 days:


Every time you notice yourself postponing your experience of happiness or calmness or contentment, STOP. Recognize the voice in your head, watch the belief that says, "once I can get out of the office, I'll be happy". Or, "when I get out of debt, I won't be so stressed". These statements are not the Truth. Certain emotions may be experienced once you are debt-free but it's not because your bank account changed - it's only because your mind has.


Recognize that you're handcuffing your experience to external conditions - conditions that aren't often under your control. Contemplate the truth in this - is your belief true? Will being debt free make* your stress go away? If so, how is it doing this?


Watch your breath as if it's the most important thing in the world. At the centre of your breath, there is a stillness - tune into it. Allow your body chemicals to shift, regardless of the fact that you're still interested the office, or the weather isn't the way you originally wanted it to be, or you still have things ahead of you to deal with. Let them be. You will get them done, and often more efficiently and with clarity, if you're not also carrying the stress in your mind.

This practice has helped many clients overcome anxiety, stress, and frustration.

Catch yourself for the next week. Re-wire your chemical patterns, slowly. With conscious effort.

Please let me know how you do. If you have any questions, e-mail me or write in the comments below.