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.Spring Fever. Let it Burn!.

To be strong, to be in top bikini shape for the coming season, and to be the most energized for all your summer wine touring, the next thing you need to know is this... feel a little fever coming on? LET IT BURN. If you wake up a little headachy - maybe some body chills - and your internal temperature seems to be on the rise, think twice before reaching for the tylenol.

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.Why Can't I stop.

It all feels well and good in the beginning. You perform tasks methodically, expertly. Each step is planned and executed to give yourself exactly what you want. They say you are so dedicated, 'you have so much will power'! I heard this a lot when I began waking up at 5am to go to bootcamp, and again when I'd turn down the dessert tray for a glass of mineral water. I agreed with them! I felt like I had things all figured out. I didn't realize my efforts were misplaced and that I was playing out 'diseased' behaviour.

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.Why Chinese Medicine.

There is an accident scene. One car has smashed into the side of another at an intersection. The professionals look at the damage, send the cars to the shop for repairs, and bandage up the drivers. The next day, the same thing happens! Another crash, more damage to the cars and people, and more repairs. On the third day, same crash, same damage, but this time, the man on the scene steps back to view the whole intersection. He notices that the stop sign on one corner has been damaged and is not visible to the drivers. He sends the cars for repairs, bandages up the drivers, and fixes the sign. There are no more accidents at the intersection.

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